Dedicated to serving freshly prepared seafood at reasonable prices.

Salmon, Catfish, Red Snapper, & Fresh Shrimp

Just to name a few, Fishbone Seafood has created the standard for quality and freshness in the seafood restaurant businesses. We work hard to make sure that these values shine through in every customer experience. We’ve had over 40 years to perfect our recipe for success, which combines great food and great value with even better service.


  • The right to use the Fishbone Seafood name and trademark.
  • The right to produce and sell FBS products.
  • A one-mile (minimum) radius exclusive area.
  • Consultation in the selection of your location.
  • Assistance in acquiring equipment used in the production of FBS products.
  • Assistance in acquiring signs which meet trademark specifications.
  • FBS Operations Manuals.
  • Consultation on the design, construction and building of the restaurant.
  • Hands-on training at a location store.
  • Initial point-of-sale promotional materials.
  • Option to participate in FBS marketing & advertisement programs.
  • Posting of your location and Grand Opening on our corporate website and social media outlets


  • Demographics – What is the ethnic make-up surrounding your location? Is your location in a residential area that will provide consistent day-to-day business or an office/commercial area that will provide mostly a Monday through Friday lunch business?
  • Product Quality and Consistency – If you apply what you learn in training and follow the instructions in the Operations Manual, you will produce a quality product that sells itself. FBS has a loyal following of regular customers when our product is made the right way. Taking shortcuts that compromise quality will only cost you in the long run.
  • Customer Service – Treat your customers the way you want to be treated, with respect. Make sure your employees are properly trained in customer service. Create efficient operations for quick service.
  • Promotion and Advertising – Develop a marketing strategy that fits your situation. FBS is well known and easily recognized by customers if properly promoted. Prominently display FBS signs and logos. Employ local strategies such as point-of-purchase advertising (photo posters in your store) and neighborhood flyers. Get involved with community groups and stage promotional events.